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The concept behind the album “Feminism” is essentially an introduction and an invitation to this social movement. We are aware that many people do not know what it means, or have misunderstood its greater purpose, and it is our hope to shed some manner of light on this. Feminism is, at its core, an attempt to improve the lives of other people through awareness and acceptance of different races, genders, abilities, and sexualities; and to consequently invoke a change in our attitudes and our actions. The lyrics throughout the album are designed to use our platform and our privilege to reach out to our listeners, and encourage them to take part in this movement to improve the wellbeing of others.


released March 11, 2017

The Band
Cory Bosse - Vocals, Saxophone, Keys, Synth
Greg Turner - Guitar
Ryan Berehulke - Bass
Andrew Bateman - Drums

Lara Tang - Vocal Harmonies

The Horn Section
Josh Agar - Trumpets
Sarah Masters - Tenor sax

Gang Vocal Recruits
Devon Noir
Lara Tang
Graham Charles
Justin Sturek
Rory Turner
Beth Olivier
Daniel Outhet
Sarah J Culkin
Clay Swanson

All songs written and produced by Sleeping In Traffic
Recorded and mixed by Ryan Berehulke and Cory Bosse at Sonolith Studio
Gang vocals and reamping recorded at The Audio Department
Drums and horns recorded at Two Bodies of Water Productions
All other instruments recorded at Sonolith Studio
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording NC
Artwork by Serena Olivier
Band photos by Dana Zuk Photography

This album would not have been possible without:
-Sarah J Culkin and Devon Noir for enormous help with lyrics and lyrical content!
-Terry Tran from The Audio Department
-James Seabrook from Two Bodies of Water (for the nail clippers!)
-Daniel Outhet for use of the Rhodes piano
-Justin Mclean for use of the Hammond organ
-Our parents and fans for unending support!
Thank you all so much!

Visit our website at sleepingintraffic.com

We welcome discussion and dialogue regarding the concepts presented in this album!



all rights reserved


Sleeping In Traffic Edmonton, Alberta

Sleeping In Traffic is a four-piece progressive band plotting a course for sounds uncharted. It is an amalgamation of artistic aspirations and inspirations, held together by a code of limitless creativity, and unbound in sonic curiosity.

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Track Name: Just An Echo
Strap in, do we have your attention!?
Repudiate your preconceptions!
We speak from the edge of the sky, we were born in a palace, built from the lives of those that were stepped on to raise us on high
We were given a stage and a mic!
Let's use it right

I have the utmost privilege
Of speaking to you today
Ladies and gentlemen,
and honoured guests preferring neither way

We just echo
The voice of those
That aren't being heard
Let's raise them up

Insisting freedom from fault
And laying blame on the past
It's our burden to mend
If this world is to last

Once more, do we have your attention?
*gibberish noises*
One thing we forgot to mention...
This is just one step of a long long road

We were given a stage and a mic
We call you all to join the fight

My most enraptured listeners
There's simply too much to say
A world of complex nuance
Underlies all subjects of the day

We just echo
The voice of those
That aren't being heard
Let's raise them up

Insisting freedom from fault
Arrives us nowhere fast
We must rally the cause
To avert mistakes of the past
Track Name: Forming Alliances
Leave this guilt, it has no place
Here missteps we must embrace
Humbly learn from hard fought lives

Undermine the structures that oppress
Reclaim this space for voices to express

We seek to be a part of the cause
Modest in knowledge of our gifted birth
We’ve come not to waste your time
For your liberation is bound up with mine!
So we shall listen, and you may speak your mind to us,
through us to those who do not
May we amplify and not eclipse
We are the moon that reflects the sun
Only shining when there is none
Till return of the light of day

We strive for alliance
Knowing acts outweigh our words
Though privilege can free us
We maintain
A vigilance in all our efforts
For freedom must be all or nothing

Our intent has no place
Our impact leaves its trace
What changes we could make
Were we to all awake
Track Name: Reactivist
Outcry fills my gaze
Leading me astray
Status quo holds fast
Progress-drowning grasp

I fear the tides of change
My ego rearranged
What if granting rights
Precedes the loss of mine?

Can’t see the oxygen I breathe
Debating my failing

I stand above now how can I stand back?
To rock the boat with empathy I lack?
Struggle with the straw-man in my head
Disputes long dead

A worldview which infers
With stereotypes and slurs
“Not all of us are human”
Track Name: Injustice System
Injustice is all around me
Systemic violation, all surrounding
Our culture dehumanizing
The scope of abuse is just paralyzing

Erasure in violence and words
Erased from the face of the Earth
Oppressed in the name of the law
This “civilization” is flawed
“Don’t shoot!”
They can’t breathe!
Dark truth
Oh when, tell me when will we see?

Invisible, told not to exist
Despicable, the way we’ve come to point the gun,
At anyone we don’t understand
It’s time to overthrow, this status quo,
(And make a stand!)

Injustice is all around me
Reach out and deconstruct all the boundaries
For people our world’s destroying
Inaction is not our choice!
Track Name: Complacency, Our Foe
What if all we knew was wrong?
Raised to believe violence was the norm
Question all reactions ingrained
Ignored, the cycle self-perpetuates

Make conscious action to change
Recognize the power of words
To shape the perceptions we hold
And find a better way!

If we hope to revolutionize
We must dismantle all comforting lies
Supremacy must fall beside the way
Denial gets us nowhere. One day
maybe we can say our work is done
Until that day we must press ever on
Inequity may never disappear
Do not dishearten faced with the sheer
Magnitude of all that’s left to solve
Stay dedicated, slowly minds evolve

If you have heard me out,
Know ideas must unfold
Into acts which form the norm.
Complacency, our foe

I make conscious action to change
I recognize the power of words
Those who can’t be bothered to aid
Can stay out of the way!
Track Name: Listen Up!
I just echo
These borrowed words

These borrowed words
Have come from those whose lives
I speak of

Are you listening
To them and not just me?
Listen up!

Follow guidance
From those silenced
Genders and sexualities non-conforming
From race to ability
Speaking from authority
Of lived experience
Take their lead
They’ll show us how to change the world

Let’s lighten up the load
The burden carried all these years from young to old
We strive for equity
Social boundaries broken down can set us all free

Free, free

We could be, all set free
We could be, all set free
Listen up, listen up
Take this fight, Make this right